The Allotment Award 2024


🌱 Announcing the Allotment Award 2024: Celebrating Excellence in Gardening and Sustainability! 🌱

Attention all gardening enthusiasts! We’re excited to announce the Allotment Award 2024 for each site, a prestigious event dedicated to recognising outstanding achievements in gardening and sustainability. This year, the Newbiggin Allotment Association will be taking on the honourable task of judging this award, and we can’t wait to see the incredible plots that our community has cultivated.

Do you believe your allotment plot stands out for its innovative gardening techniques, beautiful aesthetics, or sustainable practices? Now is your chance to shine! We invite all gardeners to nominate their allotment plots and share their hard work and creativity with us. To take part, simply let the Newbiggin Allotment Association know about your nomination by 12th July. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain recognition for your dedication and to inspire others in our community.

The eagerly awaited winner will be announced in September, so make sure your plot is in top shape and ready for the spotlight. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a passionate novice, your efforts in promoting gardening and sustainability could earn you the accolade of the Allotment Award 2024. Let’s celebrate the beauty of our gardens and the sustainable practices that make our world a greener place! 🌿🌻 #AllotmentAward2024 #GardeningExcellence #SustainabilityInAction



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