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Financial Information 2022/23

The Town Council is open and transparent about the way it manages its finances. This page contains information on the way the Council protects its finances and what it has spent money on.  The Council’s finances are monitored on a day to day basis by the Responsible Financial Officer (Town Clerk). The Finance Committee also take an oversight role for the Council budgets at their quarterly meetings.

Precept –  The Town Council receives the majority of its income through the precept; an annual sum of money collected with the Council Tax by Northumberland County Council. The precept, set by the Town Council in January, for 2022/23 is £248,695  which amounts to an estimated £115.59/year to Band A properties.

How the precept was calculated 2022/23

Click the link to view the full budget for 2022/2023

Budget 2022~23

Financial Reports –  The Income and Expenditure Reports show the income and expenditure accounts for the Council.  The Council routinely and voluntarily publishes an updated list of all Council payments  for the financial year. These reports will be made available after they have been reported to the Finance Committee.

Payments and receipts Mths 1-12

Grants and Awards

Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972 allows local authorities, including Parish and Town Councils, to award grants which will bring direct benefit to their area.

The Town Council is able to provide a grant or gift to an organisation for a specific purpose that will benefit the town, or residents of the town, and which is not directly controlled or administered by the town council.

The law requires grants to be “in the interests of or will directly benefit the area or its inhabitants, or of part of it, or some of it” and “the direct benefit should be commensurate with expenditure”.

You can download the grant application forms for funding from our Policies & Documents page.

Please find below the link to a list of Grants and Awards provided by the council to local organisations for the period 1st April 2022 to 31st March 2023.

5th May 2022 – Jayess Brass Band – Donation £300

6th Jun 2022 – T Jefferson – Community Defibrillator (Coble) £300

22nd Jun 2022 – NCEA – Exhibition £298.50

15th Aug 2022 – Young person – support reaching sporting championship £300

23rd Sept 2022 – Wansbeck Valley Foodbank £1000

18th Oct 2022 – Wansbeck Valley Foodbank £1500

2nd Dec 2022 – Colliery Residents Association £300

2nd Dec 2022 –  Newbiggin Traders Association £300

2nd Dec 2022 – Newbiggin Community Choir £300

5th Dec 2022 – AFC Newbiggin £30,000

11th Jan 2023 – Newbiggin Maritime Centre – Warm Space £100

11th Jan 2023 – Newbiggin Arts Centre- Warm Space £100

11th Jan 2023 – M Smith- Competition fees £300

11th Jan 2023 – Newbiggin WI – Warm Space £100

11th Jan 2023 – Bank House Club – Warm Space £100

11th Jan 2023 – Northern Learning Trust – Warm Space £100

6th Mar 2023 – Newbiggin Maritime Centre – Defib and wheelchair £599.74

6th Mar 2023 – Budokokan Judo £300

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