Newbiggin Town Council raise concerns of unacceptable state of areas within town.

Newbiggin by the Sea Town Council sent a formal letter to Councillor Glen Sanderson, Leader of Northumberland County Council on 5th December 2023  raising concerns regarding the unacceptable state of areas in our town within the remit of Northumberland County Council Countryside Services.

Areas within the departments remit include:

  • Milburn Park and Needles Eye (excluding the site of the new play area and the former
    Spital Burn Play area),
  • Newbiggin Promenade,
  • Central Park (excluding the play area),
  • Church Point, and
  • the Woodland between the former Moorside school and East Lea

The letter highlighted potholes and the state of the Needles Eye car park, the inferior paint job to the railings on the promenade, the poor state of the railings at Church Point, the overgrown weeds and bushes, the fly tipping and years of neglect to the woodland between the former Moorside school site and East Lea, and more,.  All of these issues have been reported on numerous occasions by the Town Council, over a period of years, with unsatisfactory resolution.

It also highlights that the sea defences walls were manually weeded over an 8-week period by operatives funded by the Town Council.


The Leader and the Portfolio Holder for Countryside Services were invited to visit Newbiggin by the Sea to see the issues first hand.   The letter also requested NCC review and put in place a plan of action, with a budget that is fit for purpose to address the issues that have been raised.

Councillor Glen Sanderson has responded positively to the request, as have both Newbiggin County Councillors, and a meeting is to be arranged between County Council and Town Council to see if the issues can be sorted out.


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