A Merry Little Christmas Concert

Councillors, Alison Sutherland, Mayor, and Fiona Rowley, Deputy Mayor of Newbiggin by the Sea had a lovely evening of musical delights on Friday 1st December at The Atrium, Dukes Secondary School.

Live music was provided by Jayess Newbiggin Brass Band, Year 6 Instrumentalists, Grace Darling Concert Band, Dukes Wind Band, and the NCEAT Staff Choir.

All of the Christmas favourites were played on every instrument imaginable.

Cllr Rowley, added ‘the talented youngsters from Grace Darling Primary have the opportunity to make music thanks to Newbiggin by the Sea Partnership Limited. It was interesting to hear from Keith Shirley, a Trustee of the Partnership,  about how the funding is managed and how it opens the world of music to many who may not have been able to afford private lessons, they are a wonderful asset to Newbiggin by the Sea.

In July of this year, Newbiggin by the Sea Town Council supported Newbiggin by the Sea Partnership Limited with a grant of £600 towards extra curricular music tuition at Grace Darling Primary.  The Partnership require approximately £10,000 annually to support three paid tutors to provide tuition to an average of 60 pupils per week.  The tutors teach brass, guitar, keyboard, woodwind, percussion, and steel pans.  The Pans Group are known as Steel by the Sea.

Image by Northumberland Church of England Academy.


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