Newbiggin by the Sea Neighbourhood Plan has been approved by the residents of Newbiggin by the Sea

Newbiggin by the Sea Neighbourhood Plan has been approved by the residents of Newbiggin by the Sea. The results of the vote, held on 23 November 2023, reveal a 72% majority in favour of adopting the plan.


A total of 603 residents participated in the vote, representing 14% of the local electorate (4379).


The Neighbourhood Plan, a collaborative effort that involved extensive community consultations and input, allows for homes to be built, and expansion in accordance with local needs and aspirations while respecting everything that is special about our beautiful and unique coastline.

The support received in the vote signals a shared positive vision for the future of Newbiggin by the Sea, that can be realised by our direct involvement in the decision-making process – putting localism into action.


Key highlights of the vote include:


Total Votes Cast: 603

Percentage in Favour of the Neighbourhood Plan: 72%

Voter Turnout: 14% of the Electorate


Cllr Alison Sutherland, Mayor of Newbiggin by the Sea said: “I’d like to thank all residents who participated in the vote, as well as those who contributed to the development of the Neighbourhood Plan through the many consultation exercises held over the years. This is a positive step for Newbiggin by the Sea; residents now have more of a say over future developments in our parish and we can now work to building a successful, thriving and sustainable Newbiggin by the Sea”.


The Plan for Newbiggin by the Sea gives our community a much greater say in shaping the areas in which we live and work and in pushing for the kind of development we want and need in the future.  It highlights things like:

  • the need for the provision of two-, four-, and five-bedroom homes for families with children, including the provision of affordable housing,
  • the importance of protecting the historic character of the town, including affording special attention to key buildings identified by residents and through the conservation area character appraisal,
  • the importance of protecting our local green spaces that are of particular importance to the local community in a manner consistent with Green Belt protection,
  • the importance of protecting from loss services and facilities identified as significant to the local community.


The Newbiggin by the Sea Neighbourhood Plan will be a ‘significant material consideration’ in the determination of planning applications. It will help to protect what’s important in our town, including our special identity while providing opportunities to achieve sustainability by growing to meet identified local needs.


Northumberland County Council is now required to adopt the Neighbourhood Plan within a defined time period (8 weeks). Once ‘made’ (adopted) by the local planning authority, the Neighbourhood Plan becomes part of the Development Plan for the plan area and will be used alongside the local plan to determine planning applications.


The Neighbourhood Plan will be in place until the year 2036. It was put together by the Town Council, community organisations and lots of input from residents through public consultation events to ensure it encompasses the aspirations and hopes of all the community. The work was supported by Jo-Anne Garrick; a Northumberland based planning consultant and Northumberland County Council Planning Officers.

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