Promenade Scheme Encourages Recycling

A new recycling scheme has been installed on Newbiggin Promenade to enable residents and visitors to recycle more of their waste.

Promenade and beach users will now be able to recycle their plastic bottles, cans and paper via the six bins which have been installed at intervals along the length of the promenade.

The recyclable waste will be emptied by the County Council’s Neighbourhood Services team and taken to West Sleekburn to be sorted by the recyling plant operated by the waste contractor SUEZ, where the different elements of recyclable waste are separated out using state-of-the-art technology and a dedicated team of staff, before being baled and sold to reprocessors.

Councillor Glen Sanderson, Northumberland County Council  Cabinet Member for Local Services, said: “This is a great idea and I hope it works because so many people in Newbiggin care about how the town and beach look. 

“Their hard work has meant that Newbiggin beach is a credit to our coastline and county.”

County Councillor Liz Simpson, Newbiggin Ward Councillor, said: “Newbiggin Litter Pickers are a credit to Newbiggin-by-the-Sea. All are volunteers who give up their time to try and make our town litter free.  Well done to all of you.”

The scheme came about after Newbiggin Litter Pickers submitted a grant application to Newbiggin by the Sea Town Council to fund a new recycling bin which was unanimously supported.  

Working with the Town Council and Northumberland County Council this increased to the provision of six recycling bins by reusing some old bins that NCC had in storage that were surplus to requirement.  

Elaine Brown, Deputy Clerk of Newbiggin Town Council, said ‘Newbiggin Litter Pickers are very supportive of a bid for Newbiggin by the Sea to be a plastic free coastline and promote the re-use and reduction of plastic waste wherever possible. 

“We’ve been able to install six recycling bins along the length of the promenade for the recycling of plastic bottles, cans and paper. This is a fantastic step in the right direction by encouraging promenade and beach users, both local and tourists, to have a more positive social and environmental impact.”

Newbiggin Litter Pickers is a group of community volunteers based in Newbiggin who get together to organise litter-picks and share info on recycling and reducing waste.  Their recent beach clean and litter survey of Newbiggin Bay was attended by 31 volunteers.

Image from l-r – Elaine Brown – Deputy Town Clerk and an organiser of Newbiggin Litter Pickers, Liz Simpson – Newbiggin Ward County Councillor, Glan Sanderson – Cabinet Member for Local Services, Eva Hartley – Newbiggin Town Councillor

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