The Coastline Runner

Promoting the 30 x 30 Conservation Action Focus, the Coastline Runner is running from Newbiggin-by-the-Sea to Alnmouth, continuing his mission to stop plastic pollution from the British foreshores.

So far, Luke has run over 500km and collected 500kg of foreshore plastic, but his mission continues today.

On the 24th May at 1030 a.m., Luke Douglas-Home CEnv, a chartered environmentalist known as ‘The Coastline Runner’ will start his 27th stretch of coastline running from the Maritime Centre, Newbiggin-by-the-Sea Beach, Newbiggin-by-the-Sea. Luke will run all the way to Alnmouth Beach, Alnmouth, Northumberland, covering approximately 33 km and thereby completing this 27th stretch of the east coast of England (from Lowestoft to Alnmouth). ‘From Tyne to Tweed’ is what Luke refers to this section of his runs as. He ran the previous stretch from Tynemouth, as reported here. This run will take him approx. 3-4 hours as it will be necessary to go inland at Lynemouth, Amble and possibly Alnmouth – depending on the tide.


The aim of this 27th stretch is to promote the “30×30” theme: this year’s Conservation Action Focus to “protect 30% of our planet’s lands, waters, and ocean by 2030”. Luke will start by collecting 30 pieces of plastic pollution from the Newbiggin beach with councillors, school pupils and staff of the maritime centre, and then he will run the 30 km to Alnmouth. As part of his runs, Luke engages with schools, businesses and local councils to raise awareness of the problem of plastic pollution of our foreshores, and to empower positive, systemic action.


Luke Douglas Home says – “This is something we can and should all do something about. Put rubbish in the bin, not leave it on the beach. It is as simple as that. Leave only your footprints!”

The Coastline Runner is funded here and here. Their Circular economy running t-shirts are available here.


Call Luke on 07715658849 (not while he runs! 1030 -1530) or email


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