Help us to shape the future of the town!

Last year we asked you for your help to identify the ‘big issues’ for our neighbourhood plan. We have reviewed all the valuable feedback and prepared a draft vision for our town, as well as identifying planning policy themes and other actions that could address the big issues. Now we
need your views on our proposals to deliver the vision for Newbiggin by the Sea to inform the preparation of our draft neighbourhood plan.

Before consulting on a draft neighbourhood plan, we feel it is important to ask for further input from our community on the scope of our plan. A consultation document is being delivered throughout the parish and an online version is available below.  The document sets out the vision and objectives for the plan. It also proposes a possible planning policy approach that our plan could take. In addition, we have identified some projects that could help address the big issues.

The closing date for comments is 23rd October.

Neighbourhood Planning Consultation Survey

We consider that there is a need to review current housing allocations and to inform this, an independent local housing needs assessment is currently being undertaken. This will be an important role for our plan and subject to a separate consultation later this year.

For further information on Neighbourhood Planning and to keep up to date with the progress of the Newbiggin Neighbourhood Plan visit:

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