Adopt A Street – Litter Picking Scheme

Newbiggin Litter Pickers, a voluntary community group, have rolled out an ‘Adopt a Street’ scheme in Newbiggin by the Sea.
To date 13 residents have adopted their local streets with more expressing an interest to join up.
The residents are committing to litter picking their own streets a minimum of 6 times per year or more often if they like.
They select their own route and are provided with a litter picker stick, gloves, bags, bag hoops and a hi-vis vest. The theory is that by keeping the streets where we live clean, together we can keep our town clean.
If you’re a resident of Newbiggin by the Sea  or Woodhorn and would like to join the scheme selecting your street, parts of streets or green spaces, please get in touch and we will take great pleasure in adding your route to our map!
The Google map below shows the adopted routes.
Contact us by Emailing or visiting our Facebook page @NewbigginLitterPickers
Newbiggin Litter Pickers are supported by Newbiggin by the Sea Town Council and Northumberland County Council.
Organiser Elaine Brown, ‘similar schemes exist elsewhere in the Country that have been very successful in promoting civic pride in communities although we believe we are the first community in Northumberland to take part. We are all trying to achieve a pleasant, cleaner environment for our residents and visitors to enjoy and what better way that to start with our own streets.’

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