Northumberland Library Service Consultation

The Library Service has embarked on a public consultation with the residents of Northumberland to help decide the future of library services provided by Northumberland County Council. This covers both branch libraries and the mobile library service across the county as a whole.
The Library Service needs to be redesigned to:
● clearly identify it’s priorities for future provision, ensuring that it is a ‘comprehensive and efficient’ service,
● determine the most effective way of delivering those priorities based on evidenced and agreed need,
● deliver the national framework of Universal Offers pertinent to local needs and wants,
● contribute more directly to the County Council’s vision

“To make Northumberland a county which you regard as a great place to live, and in which you can access the things you enjoy, whilst having the opportunity to learn and thrive”.

The Library Service is seeking the views of users and non users alike – to understand how they use the library service at the moment; what services are important to them; what are the barriers that prevent them from using it and how they can improve these services in the future.
Whilst it is envisaged that there will be a digital core to the service with a number of hub libraries that will offer the full range of services that contribute to the Universal Offers, they need to test out opinion on the whole of the service provision and community appetite for

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A consultation drop-in session will be held in the Library at Newbiggin Sports and Community Centre on 27th January between the hours of 9.30am and 11.30am

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