Shelving for Arts Supplies to be a Little Gem

The Little Gem Arts and Crafts Gallery, a not-for-profit charity, were successful in obtaining grant support from the Town Council to the amount of £854.  The monies will be used to buy retail shelving to establish an arts supplies shop within the existing gallery. The charity is hopeful that by selling arts supplies to their existing members and encouraging people not associated with the gallery to also shop within the premises will help towards their aim of being self sufficient.  The Gallery are confident that the shop with ensure the sustainability of the gallery and bring additional business and footfall to Newbiggin by the Sea.


The Little Gem Arts and Crafts Gallery, located on Gibson Street, is run entirely by volunteers and without the overhead of employee costs they will be keeping the costs down to their customers.

Lynn Burns, Deputy Mayor and Alan Thompson, Mayor with volunteers from The Little Gem Arts and Crafts Gallery. Photo by David Sinclair

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