Replacement Banner Scheme

The Town Council plan to replace the Front Street column banners in spring 2020. The original artwork for the existing banners could unfortunately not be obtained. The artwork features prominent structures and landscapes within Newbiggin (The Bay with Welcome signage, Café Bertorelli, Couple, RNLI boat, St. Bartholomew’s Church, Memorial Gates, Cobles, Golf and Children playing on the Beach). The existing banners were designed from photographs that have been converted into illustrative pictures that are in pastel colours sympathetic to the conservation area.

The Town Council have agreed to invite the community to submit high quality electronic images of prominent structures and landscapes within Newbiggin that will be considered for the new designs. Additional prominent structures and landscapes may also be included e.g. Maritime Centre, Rocket House, Parkrun, St. Mary’s/Woodhorn Church, Colliery War Memorial and Dolphin watch.
The images would be converted digitally to illustrative style which would remove any identifying features of individuals.


If you wish to submit an image of prominent structures and landscapes within Newbiggin please do so by emailing by Friday 10th January.

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