North Seaton Roundabout


At the meeting of the Town Council held 15th June 2022, the Town Council considered it’s submission of priorities to the Local Transport Plan for 2023/24.

One of our three priorities was:  Traffic Lights to be installed at North Seaton Roundabout due to the increased volume of traffic with the opening of the new garage.

The feedback we received from Northumberland County Council regarding this priority was that ‘this is under consideration and funding contributions from nearby housing developments are being sought‘.

We further raised our concerns in late autumn 2023 in relation to the two proposed planning applications for 101 homes and 27 homes at Spital Farm and the increased vehicles this will generate at the Newbiggin junction on this roundabout.

Newbiggin by the Sea Town Council has been notified that an E-Petition has been opened via Northumberland County Council, as the Highway Authority, to request peak time traffic lights on North Seaton Roundabout

The petition opened on 01.02.2024 and can be viewed on the following link: Northumberland County Council – Get involved with the council

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