Communities pull together over losing Christmas Trees

On Wednesday Newbiggin by the Sea Town Council’s tree had to be removed and shredded due to a 10ft crack in the main trunk which made it unsafe.

West Bedlington Town Council, also sadly had to remove its tree due to Health and Safety concerns resulting from an issue which was identified with the base the tree sat in being damaged which caused the tree to list, this left both communities potentially losing out by having no Christmas tree.




Both Town Council’s facing similar issues reached out to each other in support and were able to instigate a plan of action involving two local businesses in Bedlington. WL Straughan and Windmill Farm Christmas Trees have been able to help both Newbiggin and West Bedlington Town Council at very short notice.



WL Straughan have removed the Tree from Bedlington Market Place and were able to install it at Newbiggin Quay Wall Piazza. They have also been able to confirm they can look at the base in Bedlington with a view of it being able to house a smaller tree and install the smaller tree.


Windmill Farm Trees have confirmed they are able to supply West Bedlington Town Council with a 10ft tree at very short notice.


We would also like to thank NCC street lighting and highways for being able to dress both trees at such short notice.


Both West Bedlington and Newbiggin Town Councils are extremely grateful for the support from these businesses, Northumberland County Council, and their community in helping to restore Christmas spirit.


West Bedlington Town Council are planning to undertake a full replacement of the base in the new year to allow a large tree to be sighted within the market place next year.

The Newbiggin tree is due to be dressed on Saturday.

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