Say No Balloon Releases

It has been brought to our attention that there is a planned balloon release in our town this coming weekend at the holiday resort Sandy Bay.

We have written to Parkdean Resorts who own and manage the site reminding them of their corporate commitment to environmental responsibility and urging them to put a stop to this planned activity which can have a devastating impact on wildlife and the environment.

Once released, these balloon very quickly drop back down to earth with their tattered ends and floating pieces being eaten by marine life, or other animals becoming tangled in the debris causing injury, illness and great suffering.

Our coastline has an abundance on marine wildlife and shorebirds which we should all be making efforts to protect.

In March this year Northumberland County Council appealed to the public to stop balloon releases and banned them from taking place on NCC owned land. They  encourage people to use other less damaging ways to pay tribute to a loved one such as planting a tree or flower bed, using jam jar lights, or organising a memorial walk for a chosen charity.



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