Community Speed Watch Opportunities

Northumbria Police is aware that speeding is something which concerns residents in Newbiggin so they have suggested that if there are sufficient volunteers a speed watch scheme could be launched in Newbiggin.

In summary the volunteers would work in pairs and use a speed device to record speeding vehicles and record the details. Letters would be sent out to the keepers of the offending vehicles which should hopefully encourage better driving. If a person receives three letters then they will be visited at home by a Police officer.

If this is of interest then Northumbria Police would need the email addresses of anyone wishing to volunteer who will be sent a link for them to apply. Once this has been completed there is a short telephone interview and if this is passed then the vetting process can begin. After vetting volunteers training will be given then will be able to go out in their community in pairs.

If you are interested in this please email confirming your interest and we will pass your details on to Northumbria Police

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