Introducing our new Mayor and Deputy Mayor

At the Annual Meeting of the Town Council held on Wednesday 10th May, Councillor Alison Sutherland was elected by the Council to be Chairman and Mayor of Newbiggin by the Sea.   Also elected at the meeting was Councillor Fiona Rowley to the office of Vice-Chairman and Deputy Mayor.

Alison was elected to be one of your East Ward Councillors in May 2021. She has lived in Newbiggin most of her life and has raised her family here.  She is a supporter of Wansbeck Valley Foodbank, a volunteer at the Allotments and frequently on the main street and promenade where she enjoys talking to both visitors and residents about our wonderful town. She wants what is best for Newbiggin by the Sea and to see the area flourish. ‘I am grateful to my colleagues on the Council for electing me to this office and I would like to thank Louise for her exemplary work and dedication to the role of Chairman and Mayor over the last 18 months.  Louise has had such an active civic term as we re-introduced the community and garden awards, took control of the Service of Remembrance and both grieved for and welcomed a Monarch – she has truly done us and the community proud. In my new role, I look forward to continuing to work in partnership with my colleagues and the Council Officers, building other relationships within the community to see what opportunities lie ahead to protect and enhance our community.’

Fiona was co-opted be be your North Ward Councillor in July 2021. She has produced and directed a successful pantomime in Newbiggin. She is interested in improving engagement, disability access, health, and well being for residents. She is also interested in increasing footfall to the benefit of local businesses and to create a sustainable community. Fiona said ‘I am delighted to have been nominated by my fellow councillors for this role.  I hope to continue the work we as a united Town Council undertake for the benefit of Newbiggin and it’s residents; I love the town and it’s people‘.




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