Town Council sign Civility & Respect Plege

At a meeting of the Town Council held 15th February, it was unanimously agreed to sign the Civility & Respect Pledge.

Newbiggin by the Sea Town Council is the 992th Council in the UK to take this pledge which is being promoted by Society of Local Council Clerks (SLCC), National Association of Local Councils (NALC) councils, County Associations and One Voice Wales (OVW) showing our commitment to maintain the highest levels of conduct within the Council.

The mission statement for Civility & Respect is:

Civility and respect should be at the heart of public life and good governance is fundamental to ensuring an effective and well-functioning democracy at all levels.
The intimidation, abuse, bullying and harassment of councillors, professional officers and staff, in person or online, is totally unacceptable whether that is by councillors, professional officers, staff or members of the public.
We are committed to working together to promote civility and respect in public life, good governance, positive debate and supporting the well-being of councillors, professional officers
and staff‘.

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