Weeds being tackled after ‘perfect storm’ of weather conditions

Northumberland County Council is reassuring residents that grass cutting and weeding around the county is continuing – despite the ‘perfect storm’ of weather conditions.
Prolonged periods of rain followed by much warmer conditions over recent weeks have led to the grass and weeds growing at a rapid rate across Northumberland.
And with 8.5million square metres of grass to tackle each year, getting round it all takes some time, with the recent growth spurt it is taking us longer than normal and the longer grass unfortunately means more arisings being left once grass is cut.
Greg Gavin, Head of Neighbourhood Services, explained: “We have all our grass cutting crews out but because of how long the grass is residents might see a few more clippings left behind than usual. 
Weed spraying is either underway or about to start in all areas of the county so residents should start to see weeds dying back over the next couple of weeks.
We want to reassure people we are doing everything we can to ensure our towns and villages are looking their best over the coming months.”
Article by Northumberland County Council

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