Volunteers’ Week

Day 1 - Newbiggin RNLI and Lifeboat Fundraisers

Today we give a shout out to Newbiggin RNLI and the Lifeboat fundraisers. For 170 years the Newbiggin Lifeboat volunteers have been saving lives at Sea, and influencing and educating the community with valuable safety knowledge.  The volunteers are always on call and giving up their time whenever a shout is received to keep us safe. They also attend regular training to ensure that they can perform their role to the best of their abilities.

They are supported by the Lifeboat fundraisers who run a shop, hold coffee mornings and organise events to ensure Newbiggin RNLI can cover costs and be equipped to carry out their duties.

Day 2 - Newbiggin Traders Association, Newbiggin Maritime Centre and Newbiggin Community Fundraisers

Today we give a shout out to Newbiggin Traders Association, Newbiggin Maritime Centre and Newbiggin Community Fundraisers.

Newbiggin Traders Association has not only given the businesses of the Town a voice and platform to discuss issues and opportunities, but their volunteers are a massive presence when it comes to community events for both residents and visitors to enjoy.  The calendar of events are so successful and we look forward to welcoming them back as the Covid-19 restrictions ease. Thank you!

Newbiggin Maritime Centre  is an organisation that depends on a diverse range of volunteers and we thank them all, they are also another huge contributor to popular community events that are enjoyed by both residents and visitors. They have already started planning events for this year and more details are available at https://www.nmcentre.org.uk/events

We also thank Newbiggin Community Fundraisers who hold events to raise much needed funds for local community groups, organisations and churches. They have had a much deserving break during Covid-19 restriction but we look forward to seeing them again soon.

Day 3 - Newbiggin Coastguard

Today we give a shout out to Newbiggin Coastguard Rescue Team.  The Coastguard Rescue volunteers they are always at hand (at all times of the day) to help people in great need on our coastline, they also help the local emergency services and local authorities and provide education on staying safe in the water or along the coast.

Day 4 - Everyone working with, or for our Children

Today we give a shout out to everyone who gives up their time to work with and support our children.

Junior Football clubs, Brownies, Scouts, the Boxing Club and more – we thank you for giving them opportunities to learn while also keeping them entertained and safe.

We particularly thank all those in the education sector, while they are employed we all know that teachers, school support staff, school catering staff have all gone above and beyond over the recent challenging times.

Day 5 - Everyone Keeping the Community clean and tidy

Today we give a shout out to everyone that volunteers to keep our community clean and tidy.

Whether it be organised litter picking groups like Newbiggin Litter Pickers and Sea Shepherd and the recent work of Akzo Nobel, or the individual residents who pick up litter when they are out and about – we thank you for caring enough to make a difference.

There are also people in the community who look after planting displays, in the church garden or the at the Bank House Club – spending hours weeding and tending to plants.

Day 6 - Everyone caring for and working with the elderly

Today we thank everyone who volunteers to work with the elderly in our community, those who stepped up during the Covid-19 pandemic to ensure the vulnerable were not feeling isolated.  Those who organised clubs for our Pensioners before Covid, providing a friendly network of support.  Those who volunteer through formal agencies like Age UK

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