Retiring Town Councillors

Today, on the  fourth day after the elections, in accordance with the Local Government Act 1972, s 16 (3), Cllr Michael Boon, Cllr Lynn Burns, Cllr Mavis Cholerton, Cllr Malcolm Peden, and Cllr Alan Thompson, retire from their seats on Newbiggin by the Sea Town Council.

Michael, Mavis, Malcolm and Alan have served on the Town Council for three terms since it was created in June 2009 with Lynn serving two terms since the elections in 2013.

A lot of progress has been made during their time as elected members.  They have all been actively involved in:

  • establishing the Newbiggin Nipper,
  • children’s  holiday leisure scheme,
  • introduction and expansion of the enhanced services following a reduction in county Council services,
  • the completion of the No. 1 priority from the Town Plan in delivering public toilets to the town centre,
  • refurbishing play areas, Attlee Park twice, Central Park once,
  • refurbishment of the skatepark,
  • provided continuous financial support to the Maritime Centre, Traders Association, and many other local organisations,
  • carried out environmental improvement works throughout the town,
  • the development of the Neighbourhood Plan,
  • worked to ensure that the delivery of the promenade improvement scheme to facilitate good accessibility, and
  • arranged the imminent implementation of a town wide CCTV Scheme and updating of speed indicator devices.

Newbiggin by the Sea is extremely grateful to them all for the years of service and dedication and wish them well in the future.

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