Free trees to help tackle climate change

Northumberland County Council has launched a pioneering new initiative to help residents, schools and community groups help make Northumberland greener by planting free trees.

The council is one of the first in the country to launch such a scheme which gives every resident the opportunity to play their part in helping tackle climate change.

Nine different species of trees are on offer, which are suitable for small, medium and large gardens, with hedge, copse or native harvest packs available for community groups.

Residents that do not have areas where they can plant a tree will be offered a small cell grown shrub which they can plant in their own container and will be suitable for properties with limited garden space, balconies or rented properties.

Cllr Glen Sanderson, cabinet member for Environment and Local Services, said: “We are delighted to be able to offer 10,000 free trees to households and community groups across the county.

“This is one of our ways we’re helping residents in the county be involved in climate change and once all trees have been reserved, requests will be added to a waiting list and given priority for next year’s programme.

“This fantastic new scheme will help Northumberland tackle the climate crisis by planting more trees, which in turn will help absorb our carbon emissions and help make our county even cleaner and greener than ever before. This initiative also fits in with our target of halving the council’s carbon footprint by 2025, and making Northumberland carbon neutral by 2030.”

Collection points are currently being established, but will open in Autumn/Winter and will follow social distancing guidance and be held in easily accessible areas to help minimise residents’ travel and reduce their carbon footprints.

The trees are small cell grown plants, sourced from the UK and provided along with a biodegradable shelter guard, cane and an electronic link to planting and aftercare instructions.

Claim your free tree here

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