Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Covid-19 and the Town Council

In view of the increasing threat to local communities from Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and in line with government and health advice the Town Council meeting scheduled for Wednesday 18th March was cancelled and further public meetings will not be held until further notice.

In order to help protect members of the community, local Councillors and staff from exposure and transfer of the virus the Town Council office will remain closed until further notice and communications will be dealt with by e-mail or by leaving a message on the office telephone which will be accessed remotely.

On week commencing 16th March the Town Council made available the self isolating postcard to all food retailers in the town.
By 20th March we had set up a Local Volunteer Co-ordinator Network in partnership with our County Councillors, the local Churches, the School, the Medical Centre, the Traders Association and other local groups. The network shares essential information and updates and work together to implement support to our community. Together the Network came up with the self isolating flyer aimed at the vulnerable over 70’s. This flyer was delivered to every bungalow and cottage in the town and was also sent home via the school childrens bags to be passed to elderly neighbours or grandparents offering help with basic shopping or a friendly phone call to those who are self isolating.

A volunteer scheme was also set up, we are very grateful to every volunteer that has come forward. The volunteers were matched with those in need and their kindness and willingness to help has been a wonderful example of community spirit in our town. This volunteer scheme was suspended on 30th March following the launch of the Northumberland Communities Together initiative in which Northumberland County Council receive the support and input from the government that we do not. The Town Council will continue to act as a point of contact for the vulnerable and work in partnership with Northumberland County Council and our community.

Covid-19 and the County Council

Northumberland Communities Together Initiative

Northumberland County Council launched the Northumberland Communities Together Initiative on 26th March to support the phenomenal volunteering networks that have been rallying support across the county in response to COVID-19. Northumberland Communities Together is a dedicated team which will help harness the power of local community volunteers while making sure the county’s most vulnerable residents are protected.

If you would like to volunteer to help in Newbiggin by the Sea via Northumberland Communities Together please register via the following link:

Register for Northumberland Communities Together

Support for vulnerable Adults

If you are worried about a child or adult’s immediate welfare, who lives in Northumberland, contact the OneCall service on 01670 536 400.

OneCall brings together adult social care and healthcare staff from the NHS Foundation Trust with Northumberland County Council staff from children’s services, and partners in Northumbria Police. Their priority is providing help at the earliest opportunity before the situation becomes more serious.


When do I use OneCall?
OneCall aims to help the most vulnerable people to keep safe and well 24 -7.
For example, if you need help with:
• Living safely and independently at home,
• Looking after someone who is ill or disabled,
• Caring for a child or young person,
• Family support, if you are concerned about a child or young person,
• Reporting abuse or neglect of a child or adult,
• Finding alternatives it you can’t live at home, or
• Recovering from an illness or injury at home.

If you need medical advice and support fast, but it’s not life threatening, call your GP or NHS 111.

You should always call 999 in an emergency – for example, when someone’s life is at risk, or someone is seriously injured or critically ill.

What happens if I contact OneCall?
When you first contact OneCall, Northumberland County Council will work with you to direct your call to the right person. Depending on your query they might need to gather more information about what’s wrong before they can direct you to someone who can help you.
The OneCall experienced team includes social workers, district nurses, therapists, early help workers, or specialists in mental health, telecare or home improvement depending on the nature of the enquiry.

Northumberland Business Support Hub

Northumberland County Council and Government are working together to support businesses through this challenging time. Northumberland businesses are vitally important to our county.

The County Council has established a Business Hub with a specialist team who will work hard to support businesses and employers. They will support you both during and after the current Coronavirus outbreak.

The Government has recently announced business support measures to provide financial assistance to small businesses.
For more details about these measures, including how to register for Government grants click on the following link.

Business Support Measures

Covid-19 and the Community

Northumberland CVA has also been compiling the community response to Covid-19 in Northumberland – this can be found on the attached link Northumberland Community Response Covid-19– this is a live spreadsheet that is constantly being updated to provide information on support groups, food delivery and health and well being. Newbiggin based businesses that are operational during this crisis are encouraged to pass their details on to the CVA.

‘Your NHS Needs You’ – NHS call for volunteer army

The NHS is “rallying the troops” for the war on coronavirus, with volunteers being called up to help vulnerable people stay safe and well at home.

The nation is looking for up to 250,000 volunteers to help up to 1.5 million people who have been asked to shield themselves from coronavirus because of underlying health conditions.

Members of the public can sign up quickly and easily at to become NHS Volunteer Responders, and can be called on to do simple but vital tasks such as:
• delivering medicines from pharmacies;
• driving patients to appointments;
• bringing them home from hospital;
• or making regular phone calls to check on people isolating at home.

Government Guidelines

Stay at home!
Only go outside for food, health reasons or work (but only if you cannot work from home)
If you go out, stay 2 metres (6ft) away from other people at all times
Wash your hands as soon as you get home
Do not meet others, even friends or family.
You can spread the virus even if you don’t have symptoms.

For up to date information on Coronavirus visit the Government website via the following link:

Government information on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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