Town Christmas Tree

We have received a small number of negative comments about this years Town Christmas Tree.
While we are a little disappointed with the size of the tree it was not possible this year to procure a tree exceeding 20ft  (last year our tree was 24ft). We are however lucky to have any tree since the original supply company misplaced the order submitted in the summer and we had to source a replacement at short notice from a different supply company. The tree is not of poor quality; it looks like a tree, is shaped like a tree and is certainly not lacking in its needles – it’s a Christmas Tree.
Fencing is now a health & safety requirement of County Council to keep all away and safe from the electrics of the tree lights.  This is a good quality fence that will be used for years to come although it is a shame that the fence obscures the lower, fuller branches of the tree. 
The lighting installation is currently in progress and once the tree is embellished in lights it will be just fine.  
We hope everyone has a wonderful time getting into to Christmas Spirit at the Lights Switch-on that has been arranged by the Traders Association and once again thank them for their efforts on what promises to be a festive and fun filled family event on Saturday.

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