Blue Dye for Weeds

The county has a well-deserved reputation as a green and pleasant place to live and visit and it’s important we do all we can to keep it looking its best.

Last year’s approach to weed control worked well and improved weed control so for the second year running Northumberland County Council will be adding blue coloured dye to the treatment so the public can see where has been treated by council staff.

The blue dye marker is completely harmless and allows the teams to see exactly where they have sprayed, potentially reducing wasted or overuse of spray and ensure that any areas that have been missed will be apparent straight away.

The public will also be able to see where has been sprayed and as the chemical itself can take up to two weeks to kill the weeds, the addition of the blue dye will remove any uncertainty about whether or not an area has been treated.

The dye itself is water soluble, doesn’t affect the environment and also breaks down in the sun so it won’t be visible for more than the 10 to 14 days it takes to kill the weeds.

While it isn’t possible to prevent weed growth altogether, council staff know their own areas and can be more responsive to local weather conditions, ensuring improvements to the quality and coverage of the spraying operation.

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