Bag It and Bin It!

2040 residents of Northumberland have signed up to the Green Dog Walkers Scheme; 73 of these are residents of Newbiggin.

The Green Dog Walker Scheme encourages responsible dog ownership, those who join are pledging to:

  • Clean up after their dogs and dispose of bags in a bin,
  • Encourage others to clean up after their dogs,
  • Carry extra dog bags and distribute to other dog walkers if requested

You can join the Green Dog Walkers Scheme by picking up a leaflet and application form from the Town Council Office or via the following link:

Sign up to the Green Dog Walkers Scheme

Statistics show that there were 46 reports of dog fouling in Newbiggin in the last 2 months, with the dog warden visiting Newbiggin on over 40 separate occasions during this period.

Failing to pick up after your dog can result in a £100 fixed penalty fine; if the case goes to court the fine can reach as high as £1000.

We urge all dog owners to pick up and dispose of dog waste in the many public litter bins provided but we also encourage all residents to report dog fouling incidents in Newbiggin to Northumberland County Council, you can request for this to be done anonymously if you like.

Report all dog fouling to Northumberland County Council via the following link.
Report Dog Fouling
Alternatively you can call Northumberland County Council via 0345 600640

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