Pick up the Poop!

We ask those dog owners who are not clearing up after their dogs to please do so.  There are plenty of waste bins located conveniently around the town to make this job easier and these are frequently emptied by Northumberland County Council.

Please use the bins provided or take it home and dispose of in your black wheelie bin to help keep Newbiggin by the Sea tidy and a pleasurable place to walk about.

When walking your dog, always remember to take a bag with you to clean up the mess and always pay attention to what your dog is doing at all times – not having a suitable bag or not noticing that your dog has fouled is no excuse for failing to clear it up.

If you are concerned about dog fouling incidents and require them to be cleaned up you can report locations to Northumberland County Council via their ‘report dog waste’ online form.

To learn more about being a responsible dog owner we encourage you to sign up to Northumberland County Council’s Green Dog Walker Scheme.

On joining the scheme you will receive:

  • free dog poop bags – for you and to give to other dog owners
  • a badge to encourage other dog walkers to talk to you about the scheme
  • leaflets about the scheme to give to other dog walkers to encourage them to join also.


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