Local Transport Plan 2019-20

As part of the annual review of the County Council Local Transport Plan Programme for the year 2019-20  the Town Council have agreed 3 priority schemes for submission at their meeting held 19th September.  The priorities are as follows:

  •  Highways improvements at the Colliery Estate – the roads are currently in poor condition and are used regularly by residents and the Newbiggin Nipper bus service.
  • The introduction of pedestrian crossing safety measures from Long Park to the Health centre – the number of cars parked hear making visibility difficult when crossing this wide junction.
  • Increased safe crossing on Front Street; from Whitehouse Corner to The Old Ship

From the priorities submitted for inclusion in the programme for 2018-19;

  • parking restrictions on the corner of Sea Crest Road is being implemented.
  • The request for a town-wide 20 mph speed limit had not been included although a speed survey was to be carried out and discussed with the Town Council.
  • The requests for improvements to footpaths at Spital Farm and pedestrians crossing the entrance to Central Parkway did not score well and had not been included although discussions regarding safe pedestrian crossing at the entrance to Central Parkway were ongoing.

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