Anti-social and off-road bikes

Off-road bikes are now a regular occurrence in Newbiggin by the Sea, they are driving erratically through our town and are a danger to the public.

Northumbria Police is asking the public to help them take action to catch anti-social off-road scrambler bike riders

These riders are acting without any regard for the safety of the public and are causing upset to those enjoying our wonderful town.

To make a report, please contact 101 when the incident is happening. You can do this online, or via telephone.

When you make a report, it is especially helpful if you can describe the incident, give an accurate location, perhaps using ‘What 3 Words’ (see below), give a description of the bike, the rider and the registration, and in which direction they are travelling.

What 3 Words – this is an app that helps to pinpint an exact location. what3words /// The simplest way to talk about location

Section 59 of the Police Reform Act gives Northumbria Police the power to seize vehicles.

Anti-social use of motorised vehicles will lead to further action being taken and vehicles will be seized without further warning.


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