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About the Garden

Following a request, we have established a Dedication Garden where people connected to Newbiggin by the Sea can be remembered by their relatives by planting a tree in their memory. The Town Council has dedicated four trees in memory of our town’s miners and sea farers.

The Garden was officially opened on Sunday 20th March by Marcia Bircham, Chair of Northumberland County Council, and was well attended. It has been generously supported with expert advice and practical help from the County Council and our thanks go to those involved.

A Friends of the Dedication Garden group has also been established, to lead future developments of the garden and act as a liaison and consultation group, with the ability to fundraise.

Dedicating a tree

Trees will be planted twice a year during winter to maximise the likelihood of the trees’ survival. Certain terms and conditions apply to any request; please carefully read them at the back of the form.

To dedicate a tree to a loved one, please complete the following request form, as outlined.

Dedication Tree Request Form.

The Process

  1. Complete the request form, along with a cheque to cover total costs, and post it to:
    Newbiggin by the Sea Town Council,
    Town Clerk,
    76 Front Street,
    Newbiggin by the Sea,
    Northumberland NE64 6QD.
  2. The Town Clerk will acknowledge receipt of your request and inform you of the next planting and dedication service.
  3. You will be invited to the dedication service where you will be able to plant your tree.

Terms and Conditions

  1. All trees and artefacts remain the property of Newbiggin Town Council.
  2. No human or animal remains may be buried in or around the area. Ashes may be scattered in or around the area. The area designated is not a burial or internment site.
  3. Trees and artefacts can only be included in the Dedication Garden with written permission of Newbiggin Town Council.
  4. The cost of the trees, plaques, tree supports and maintenance must be paid in full and in advance of the trees being dedicated into the Garden. All money received through this scheme will be used to finance the purchase of trees, guards and maintenance works.
  5. Trees can only be planted at specific times of year as directed by Newbiggin Town Council. This is to ensure that trees are planted in their dormant stage to provide the tree with the greatest chance of survival. Trees will be planted as part of a multi-faith dedication service arranged by the Newbiggin Town Council.
  6. Only trees that are approved by Newbiggin Town Council may be planted in the Dedication Garden. This is to ensure that hardy trees that are suited to the environment and surroundings are planted and are likely to survive.
  7. The Dedication Garden will be maintained jointly by  Newbiggin Town Council and Northumberland County Council.
  8. Terms and Conditions may be changed by Newbiggin Town Council at any time and without any prior notice.


Trees are dedicated to:

  • Barry Leach.
  • All Newbiggin seafarers.
  • All Newbiggin Colliery miners.
  • Veronica Yates.
  • Donald and Irene Saunders.
  • Dorothy Whitehead.
  • Sandra Laws
  • Valerie Swann
  • Liege Kilborn
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