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History of Newbiggin by the Sea

Education and Schools

In the 1920s the top of North Seaton Road, Newbiggin, was called Dickson’s Corner (note the correct spelling not DIXONS). The first school to be built here was in 1928. No traffic to see, only a solitary horse and cart. – oh, the peace!

North Seaton Road c. 1928

School Sports Days have changed a lot over the years. Take our black and white image from 1932. The school at the top of North Seaton Road was then known as Newbiggin Secondary Modern and catered for 8-14 year old boys and girls. See in the background the New Ship Inn which was a Youngers & Co Ltd public house.

Sports at Newbiggin Secondary Modern in 1932

The lads didn’t seem to have any vests but each of them wore navy blue shorts. Performing without supervision, this would not have been allowed nowadays because of Health and Safety regulations.

Our coloured photo shows that we have now moved on about sixty years and the boys and girls are getting last minute instructions from Deputy Head Mrs Pat Fenwick. The name of the school then was Windsor First School and catered for boys and girls from 5-11 year olds.

Windsor First School in 1988