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Leaflet Designer wanted!

Leaflet Designer wanted for Newbiggin by the Sea

As part of efforts to boost tourism and work, we are looking for a budding designer to work with us over the next few weeks to create the 2011 events leaflet for the town.

The leaflet will be distributed throughout the region and advertise important tourist events that will take place this summer in Newbiggin by the Sea. The designer will be responsible for creating the leaflet using copy supplied, and providing a version suitable to be printed.

This opportunity will suit anyone wanting to build a portfolio of evidence in design work, to help with future job applications or further education coursework. Councillor Rebecca McCready said, “We are keen to do our bit to support people back into work, and see this short-term voluntary position as an excellent opportunity for a talented individual to gain valuable work experience and recommendations.”

The post is unpaid and should last up to 4 weeks; the final print deadline being 14th April. Reasonable, agreed expenses will be provided. Anyone interested should contact us for more information or to express an interest (including a CV). Closing date is 16th March.

Project Specification – Leaflet Designer


To design the Newbiggin Town Council’s 2011 Events Leaflet, advertising tourist-attracting activities throughout the summer, and to provide a copy ready for printing.

Main duties

  1. To design the Events leaflet according to requirements outlined by the Newbiggin Town Council.
  2. To include copy as directed by Newbiggin Town Council.
  3. To provide a copy of the document suitable for submission to the printers.
  4. To ensure that copyright has been secured for any images used in the leaflet.

Key dates

Interested designers must express an interest in this opportunity to the details below by Wednesday 16th March.

We expect to confirm the appointment by Monday 21st March.

The chosen Designer will need to return a finished version of the leaflet to us by Monday 11th April, with final deadline of Thursday 14th April.

This opportunity will be available for approximately 3.5 weeks.


The Designer will be expected to complete this work on a voluntary basis, although reasonable expenses will be paid for by the Newbiggin Town Council provided that prior agreement has been approved in writing and receipts for items claimed are produced.

We hope that involvement in this project will provide valuable work experience, portfolio material or re-employment evidence for the Designer.


Guidance will be offered by the Newbiggin Town Council, predominantly via the Town Clerk, Mr Dennis Earl, and the Chair, Cllr Rebecca McCready.


For more information and to express an interest in the opportunity, please contact either Town Clerk, Mr Dennis Earl, or Chair, Cllr Rebecca McCready.

Please include a current CV.

Download a copy of the project specification.