Newbiggin by the Sea Town Council

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Newbiggin Town Council Logo

Town Councillors & Staff


Cllr Todd

Chair and Town Mayor: Cllr Stuart Todd

Call on 07932 052686.

Cllr Peden

Vice Chair and Deputy Mayor: Cllr Malcolm Peden

Call on 01670 817503.

Cllr Boon

Cllr Michael Boon

Call on 01670 817590.

Cllr Burns

Cllr Lynn Burns

Call on 01670 810656.

Cllr Cholerton

Cllr Mavis Cholerton

Call on 01670 855923.

Cllr Dixon

Cllr Richard Dixon

Call on 01670 810547.

Cllr Rogers

Cllr Will Rogers

Call on 01670 852357

Cllr Thompson

Cllr Alan Thompson

Call on 01670 818358.


Dennis Earl

Town Clerk: Mr Dennis Earl

Call on 01670 811048.

Helen and Adam

Environmental workers: Helen and Adam